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What We Do

What We Do

We Develop Small Property Projects with You

If you are ready to learn HOW TO run a Small Property Property Project yourself, then our Palladium Program is for you, a Boutique & Exclusive service offered to 100 members only. Members are taught ALL the skills, hints and tricks required to run a small development project yourself, with us supporting you all the way PLUS you will be given the opportunity to transact on a LIVE project which will give you the hands-on experience required to succeed.

You will also receive:
Comprehensive Training & Mentoring
Mortgage Security On Your Money
Our Unique 125 % Money Back Guarantee
50/50 Profit Share on every deal
Unlimited Ongoing Deal Flow
Aged Care Opportunities
Transact in a Safe Environment with others where you CANNOT lose your money
Access to 250+ video library to learn anything and everything
Live Q&A Learning Sessions

We will embed our 7 Steps to Success & 8 Principles models to your minds, PLUS you WILL Learn ALL the “Trade Secrets” and be able apply it to Small Property Projects without the risk of losing ALL your money.  It’s a predictable and profitable system for manufacturing wealth from property through Small Property Projects.

By using our Palladium Program structure it removes the risk, enables you to profit sooner and you can leverage your money further across more instead of doing it on your own. Use Trent’s two decades of development experience to your advantage!

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We Develop Small Property Projects for You

If you’re 50+ and prefer to just sit back, relax and watch your money grow, then our Gold Program is where we do all the heavy lifting for you!

You will receive:
Mortgage Security On Your Money
We Will Do All The Hard Work For You
Our Unique 110 % Money Back Guarantee
25 %pa Return on your Cash
Unlimited Ongoing Deal Flow

As a Gold client, you can sit back, relax and let us do what we do best — create profits from Small Property Projects without the risk of losing ALL your money.

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To Inspire, Educate & Build


To change people’s lives by using Small Property Projects (small-scale developments) know-how as financial knowledge that can be passed down generationally, whilst challenging the status quo at every step to build a more harmonious and affordable world together.

Let’s introduce a financial curriculum into schools so our children and our children’s children can be masters of their own destiny and eliminate the need to be slaves of the current financial systems and governments of the world.

What You Can Expect

  • Your Choice of Small Property Projects
  • Step by Step "How To Develop" Road Map
  • Mortgage Security on Your Funds
  • Constant Training and Personal Development
  • A Community of Likeminded People
  • Significant Improvement in your Portfolio
  • Coaching And Mentoring
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Commitment and Support
  • Reaching your Financial Goals Sooner
  • 125 % Money Back Guarantee
  • The Best Way to Start in Property Development

What Our Clients Say About Us


Daniel Loggen

Daniel from Sydney experienced many positive lifestyle changes - all since joining the Palladium Program.


Declan Redmond

Declan from Gold Coast is fulfilling his lifelong dream of getting into property development through the Palladium Program.


Brian Machin

Brian from Sunshine Coast is one of our original clients and has experienced first hand the incredible growth on his portfolio through the Palladium Program!

We have invested into our first project which is looking to return 91.67 % on cash in just 16 months and all my money is secured by a mortgage over the property.

- Mark Humphries - Wollongong NSW

I would recommend having a listen to what Giumelli Group have to say. Trent knows his stuff and he is a bloke I would recommend people talk to if they want to step outside the box and make some real cash. My commitment to this group has come from a lot of research looking for a legitimate company who is honest and straight to the point.

I’m not being offered any income or discount to say these things about the Giumelli Group. I have done my research and I’m just an ordinary hard-working bloke who trusts this companies vision.

- Daryl Kliendienst - Armidale NSW

I decided to participate with the Giumelli Group for two reasons:

1. Because it truly is an intelligent low-risk strategy to earn a fantastic ROI in a short space of time;
2. I saw Trent & team were truly honest human beings, wholesome Aussie blokes, not out there to defraud anyone, just out there to see their clients succeed along the journey.

The team were a pleasure to get to know, like-minded decent people that were really supportive and respectful of one another. I couldn’t have been happier.

- Jacqueline Elassal - St Andrews NSW

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