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that are Low Risk, high cash-flow and work in any market.

The Giumelli Group is Australia's #1 Small Property Project Experts.

After years of researching all the various models for developing wealth with property – Negative Gearing, Buy-&-Hold-&-Hope waiting for growth, Wrapping, Flipping, Renovation and Positive Cash-Flow to name a few, our chairman, Trent Giumelli was frustrated with the extended time periods to achieve growth, choked cash flow, and lack of immediate profit.

Sure he had some property literally double overnight, but these were few and far between. Most took years to yield any real tangible results.

In search of a better way, Trent apprenticed with two Sydney based developers for FREE. From the combination of this apprenticeship and his financial know-how was born his Small Property Projects system that creates profits from property in shorter time with far less risk.

The Giumelli Group uses this same Small Property Projects system to create millions of dollars worth of profits for their clients. There’s nothing else like it available on the market today.

What We Do

What We Do

We Develop Small Property Projects with You

If you are ready to learn HOW TO run a Small Property Development Project yourself, our Palladium Program is for you.

This is where you develop all the skills you need to run a development project yourself, with us supporting you all the way.

You will receive:
•  Mortgage Backed Security On Your Money
•  Our Unique 125% Money Back Guarantee
•  Palladium Program Lifetime Membership

We will teach you our 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS and 8 PRINCIPAL STRATEGIES to create a predictable and profitable system for manufacturing wealth from property.

When you use our Palladium Program Structure is far less risky than going it on your own. Use Trent's decades of development experience to your advantage!

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What We Do

We Develop Small Property Projects for You

If you prefer to sit back and relax, and let us to do all the Heavy Lifting for you by becoming a Passive Partner then the Palladium Partner Program is for you.

You will receive:
•  Mortgage Backed Security On Your Money
•  We Will Do All The Hard Work For You.

As a Palladium Partner client, you can sit back and relax and let us do what we do best — create profits from Small Property Projects.

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Core Values

Our Core Values are the fabric of all human nature: Honesty in all we do, provide a Service beyond what people expect, bring Passion in uplifting our fellow man, and maintain our Ethics in everything we do.

These align with our Mission to Inspire, Educate & Build via offering the opportunity to everyday people the skills to develop Small Property Projects.


This Is Not For You if you:

a team player

Step on others

Want a get
rich quick

It takes Hard Work, Dedication, Patience and Commitment to develop Small Property Projects. You get "OUT" what you put in.

What You Can Expect

  • Your choice of Small Property Projects
  • Step by Step "How To Develop" Road Map
  • Mortgage Security on Your Funds
  • Constant Training and Personal Development
  • Joining a community of likeminded people
  • Significant improvement in your Portfolio
  • Coaching And Mentoring
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Commitment and Support
  • Reaching your financial Goals Sooner
  • 125% Money Back Guarantee
  • A fun and easy to understand Property Development Process



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