Small Property Development

Small Property Development

When conducting Small Property Development there are a few things that need be considered and thorough research conducted.

Research the local area, what have other local small development done, ie updating kitchens, bathrooms, installing aircon or heating. keep your development to a minimum and don’t get attached to the property, you won’t be living in it! Unnecessary renovations  and colour schemes won’t help sell the property! Keep it simple!

There are three types of Small Property Developments;

  • Cosmetic
  • Minor
  • Major
Cosmetic work

Cosmetic Property Developments  includes day-to-day work such as:

  • Installing or replacing hooks, nails or screws for hanging paintings or other things on walls
  • Installing or replacing handrails
  • Interior painting (keep it simple)
  • Filling minor holes and cracks in internal walls
Minor renovations

Minor Property Developments include:

  • Renovating a kitchen
  • Changing recessed light fittings
  • Installing or replacing wood or other hard floors
  • Changing internal walls
  • Sustainability measures (such as a clothesline or reverse cycle air conditioner).
Major Property Developments

Major Property Developments include:

  • Structural changes
  • Waterproofing
  • Changes affecting the outside appearance of the property, such as an access ramp
  • Work that needs approval under laws (for example, council approval).
  • CCTV Installation
Approval for Major Property Developments

Failures to comply with your local Councils terms and conditions may carry serious consequences.

Regulations are put in place for the benefit of the community. Council will monitor any unauthorised changes to Development Applications or illegal building works.

Builders, home owners and developers caught carrying out illegal works without the required consents will be prosecute, or in more serious cases injuncted through the Land and Environment Court.

Illegal building works are those undertaken without the issue of a valid Construction Certificate. This also includes building work where a Construction Certificate has been issued and certain conditions under the Development Consent have not been met.

Where illegal building works are identified Council will:

  • Issue the builder with infringement notices
  • Issue a “Stop Work” notice
  • Offer builders either the option of demolishing the illegal works or submitting a S96 application for a current Development Application, to modify the consent or a Building Certificate application.

It is safe to say that when developing property for a quick turnaround only cosmetic or minor renovations should be conducted, unnecessary development that requires council approval can slow down the  process and potentially cause the development to become expensive.

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