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We currently focus on Light Industrial Commercial Warehouse Projects however also do Small Scale Subdivisions as well. We typically purchase a large block of land that can be split up into on average 20 lots and we sell these properties off to a profit.

The average cost to purchase these style of projects ranges anywhere between $1,000,000 – $5,000,000 on average depending on location.

The entire process is controlled by the Giumelli Group. We chose proven professionals to complete the jobs and advise our clients every step of the way.

All funds are deposited into a solicitors trust account, whereby the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) and Mortgage documents are executed by both groups (clients & Giumelli Group) and then funds are released to the project to complete the development. Financial reporting is issued regularly throughout the year and updates given on our monthly Boardroom meetings with our clients.

A brand corporate trustee and company is setup for each new project, one for the developer and one for the clients.

Each project has a Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) and a Mortgage held between the developer and client entity. This ensures your funds are secured against the said project you are involved in and just like a bank, when you sell the stock a mortgage is always paid out first before any profit distributions can happen.

The developer always holds all financial liability. No financial liability is held by our clients on any projects. The only financial liability you may incur is if you are borrowing money from a Line of Credit (LOC) on your house or similar, it is then the sole responsibility of the individual to service their debt at all times.

Once all mortgages are paid out, profits are then to be distributed as per the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) on a 50/50 basis. All monies distributed are done so once the final figures have been checked off by a qualified Accountant, GST and legal expenses are paid in full then distributions are made.

There are no guarantees in life as everything has an element of risk attached to it. In Property Development the risks to a project are Delays, going over Budget and Selling the end products. Whilst we see this as a fairly neutral risk for the reward, you should always seek professional advice before making any decision.

Without sounding cliche, Trent Giumelli put together a suite of programs that would enable him to share his experiences to all other everyday Australians.

Trent has been in business since 2006 and are the only group to offer 50/50 Profit Share program along with our 115% Project Promise. If you do not achieve a minimum 15% return on your cash (ROC) in a project we will either top it up to 15% or give you your money back.

The average timeline of a Light Industrial Commercial Warehouse Project is between 16 – 18 months.

With Light Industrial Commercial Warehouse Projects we have many options to sell. We can do that via the traditional methods of Real Estate Agents, we also have the option of Wholesale Groups like SMSF or Mortgage funds, alternatively if it doesn’t sell for any reason we have the option to Rent, Refinance or Retain stock.

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The Leaders In Creating Profits From Commercial Property Projects.​