7 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Market And Make High Yield Profits

7 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Market And Make High Yield Profits

Money in the bank is safe until you think about inflation. Thinking of second home or weekend home? Current interest rates are in contrast with soaring real estate prices. The growth of money is so slow it appears as idle cash.

You must have heard about uncle wolowitz the new neighbor, who moved in 2 months ago. He has a second home in Perth, Australia. Heinvites his poker buddies over there. Then you hear about how his another poker buddy is into real estate business and makes a decent income.

Investing in real estate is a wise choice, but you want to know how to make profit with it. There is no fool-proof way to make money. Basics of investing applies to property market too. Be patient, take professional advice and start small property projects. These are few basic principle to keep in mind.


7 ways to profit from small property projects


# 1 Patience is the key

Property market has its own highs and lows. To make money out of it, patience is important. Invest in a small property project, it allows to take small risks. The advantage of getting high returns with low risk is stepping stone for success.

Why low risk? If the market crashes, then you must sell for compromised profit margin. In such situation, low risk exposure will allow to learn and keep moving forward.

# 2 Get acquainted with local area

There are potentially many properties you can invest into. Research the location of property. Get acquainted with small property developments on-going projects. Who is the best professional to contact for more information?

Know about the school, transport and other vital services reachable from the property. It is easier to spot a valuable property in nearby area as compared to finding in another town.

# 3 Get Expert advice

Google about property location and get above basic information at your fingertips. This research is not enough to turn your investment-into-profits! Small property projects do not work like gambling bets. Consult experts of Giumelli Group who has 18 years of experience in the field.

Advantage of expert consultation

  • Removes risks – shows research based on numbers and facts
  • Meet the high returns criteria – atleast 25% returns
  • Honest dealings(Safe money) – If they find possibilities of risk they tell you to walk away


# 4 Plan your finance

Keep a target value in mind for small property projects. Want to make $1 million dollar from small property projects? Then target those areas with high rental income.

  • Scenario 1 – If you sell $1 million dollar investment with 30% profit then you earn $300,000.
  • Scenario 2 – If you hold on to premium quality flats with rental income up to $50,000 /year, then in 6 years you stand a chance to gain 30% income on investment. This is an optimistic scenario!

The premium quality flats rented to company or converted to share accommodation will make more profits. Plus you gain from the increase in property rates because of prime locality.

# 5 More research before investing

Cash-in-hand or bank funding? If you want to invest hard cash or want to take a loan. Giumelli group guides to seek professional advice before making important financial decisions. Check your credit score before you apply for bank loan.

Some of the banks do inspection of the place, before beginning with any loan process. You can also conduct an inspection for any dispute or land issues before buying an property space for development.

Mortgage funded — Take advantage of the low interest rates on mortgage funding.

# 6 Check the infrastructure development around

Basic amenities such as school and hospitals in the vicinity are important. The real game is in the transport system. Property prices increases due to development of rail transport.It is easy to reach the property location with bullet train or any other rail project in the vicinity. Research transport plans related to place of property.

Giumelli Group has vast network of professionals to gather updated information. They update you as well to keep you ahead of the curve.

# 7 Get involved in the development of project

Buying and selling the house is a complex process. Choose a trustworthy partner asGiumelli Group. Invest and let them do the hard work, that’s a wise choice on your part. You get the benefit of high returns and low risk with their money back guarantee feature. On the other hand, you can get involved and learn strategies of property development.

Learn 7 steps of success and 8 strategies from Giumelli Group’s 18 years of vast experience. They will guide you with commitment and support during the completion of project.

You can make changes in the infrastructure of the project. Extra space provided for garden is valued by eco-friendly urban citizens. Customize 20% extra garden space for giving that special look to the home.

# 8 Bonus — Commercial space Investment

Although small property development is focused on flats, duplex and villas. But you can focus on commercial space to make a high yielding investment.

Once you become a seasoned investor, you can move further in real estate market. This market provides an opportunity to invest in niche of office space.

People need office spaces to run businesses. Office space needs renovation and upgrade. These activities add value to the place. The investment done in development of office space provide high rental infrastructure.

Trust Giumelli Group to be your best partner in real estate

Giumelli Group will guide you to invest in major cities with up-coming infrastructure projects. Get more relevant information about the property’s whereabouts. Suggest you to get in touch with professional mortgage broker to make a well informed decision.

Get connected with community of like-minded people in small property projects. Learn risk mitigation strategies and reach your goals sooner.

Makes you a better person by providing constant training and personality development values. Also significant increase in your property development portfolio.